Governor and Habanna daughters 80/80 at SK Hunsel

A day after the jumping horses, today was the dressage horses’ turn at the Limburg studbook inspection. In Hunsel twelve mares were awarded the ster predicate, including Kerrodelin E (s. Governor) and Kolibrie (s. Habanna) with 80/80.

Inspector Petro Trommelen, together with Floor Dröge, assessed 21 dressage mares, 12 of these were awarded the ster predicate. ‘That is an average ster percentage, and what is positive is that there was really no bottom end, instead we had two exceptions at the top end” said Petro Trommelen. At the inspection, held at Dressuurstal Rutten, host Bert Rutten himself owned one of the two exceptions: the three-year-old Habanna-daughter Kolibrie (out of Galanta ster IBOP-dres PROK by Alexandro P). She was awarded 80 points for both her conformation as her way of going. “This mare has a good rectangular model with good proportions and a sound and correct foundation. She stood out due to her excellent trot whereby she consistently correctly uses her hind leg to set off and carries her withers nicely upwards. She also showed a walk with abundant scope and has a powerful canter.” With the same high level the Governor-daughter Kerrodelin E (out of Gwendelin E elite IBOP-dres PROK by Bordeaux) bred by H. and H.J.C. Ebbers, was awarded the ster predicate. “This mare is well-proportioned, has a good top line and a correct hind leg. Her trot is very relaxed with a good use of the hind leg and she has a naturally nice carriage. For the trot we were able to give her 85 points.”

Rutten Again

From the same family as the previously-mentioned Habanna-daughter Kolibrie is the Habanna-daughter Karma (out of Florence stb-ext sport-dres PROK by Alexandro P) also bred by Dressuurstal Rutten. She also scored 80 points for her way of going as well as 75 for her conformation. “This mare is closely related to the other Habanna-mare. She has a youthful model and a very nice way of trotting in which she can collect well and requires very little speed. Karma was given 85 points for the trot. ”Two mares were awarded the ster with 70/80. First of all the Fairytale-daughter Kristanetty (out of Anetty stb-ext by Havidoff, bred by M. van Moorsel in Lieshout) from Dressuurstal Rutten. This long-lined mare has good tact in trot and canters with abundant scope and balance. She also showed how she can easily perform changes. Amongst the older mares the five-year-old Ile de Legante N (El Capone out of Legante elite sport-dres pref PROK by Flemmingh, bred by J. Menting in Overasselt) owned by J.M.J Jacobs in Reijmerstok also approached the 80 points. This appealing mare has a scopey, athletic and pure walk. She has good hind leg action in trot and a nice front leg technique.

Jenneke Smit for KWPN / Foto Kerrodelin E – Wil Smeets for KWPN Limburg
Source: KWPN