Our team

Dressuurstal Rutten, located in rural Hunsel in central Limburg, concentrates on instruction, selling and breeding. Prioritising top quality, the horses leave only once they have met requirements of the highest quality. Bert Rutten is supported by the team of Rider Esmee Ingham, Handyman Fred Kuppens, Irma Coenen-Custers and Bert’s wife Linda Rutten-Tauber.

Bert Rutten

Chief trainer and coach

In addition to having had an international sports career, Bert has trained many horses up to Grand Prix-level. He has held several top positions in the equestrian world. Read more about his career here.

Linda Rutten-Tauber

Facility Manager

Linda Rutten-Tauber, Bert’s wife, runs her own psychotherapy practice. In addition, Linda also has a role of vital importance in the running of the yard. She is passionate about and therefore concentrates mainly on the breeding side of the business. She also ensures that all the administrative tasks are fulfilled and helps with the coaching of the working pupils.

Esmee Ingham

After 4,5 years Esmee has returned to her home country Canada. The end of a beautiful collaboration but a friendship that will always last. Read more about Esmee here.

Fred Kuppens


Fred Kuppens’s tasks consist of stablesmanagement, paddock maintenance, repairs, transporting the horses, garden maintenance and caring for the horses. He has worked for Stal Rutten since 2003.